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It has been 2 weeks. 2 weeks since you last saw either of your best friends who were in the year above you. This then made it a lot easier to avoid them in this time of awkwardness, due to the fact that whenever you had a free period in the Great Hall, they would normally have a lesson. It just made the times however during Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner that much more awkward, especially since you resided in the same house as them.

It all started from the beginning. You had just entered the school of Magic and unfortunately the friend making process was not as easy as for you as it might have been for other people. You were lounging around the common room, reading your favourite muggle book when 2 ginger headed twin boys sat in front of you with huge grins. It was then that you learned their names: Fred and George Weasley.

From there you learned the ins and outs of the school. For example, what teacher’s to be aware off, how to sneak into the village and generally how to prank people well. It had all started good and fine, however you developed a closer relationship and even began to like George. However, one argument may have destroyed this.

2 weeks ago, during lunch you were outside studying for one of Snape’s potions test when you heard chuckling near you. At first it was distracting but once you recognised the voice, a smile instantly came upon your face. You looked up and that smile was gone within a second. Sitting a few feet away from you was in fact George Weasley but the girl that was sitting next to him was someone unfamiliar to you. The pair of them were laughing, but the pure joy that was coming from the pair of them, made your stomach churn.

You could tell that it was the green monster which people call Jealousy, and you didn’t really have anything to be jealous about. He wasn’t yours, and you haven’t told him about your feelings yet. However, Fred did reassure you that George did like you back, but with the sight in front of you, it did not seem possible anymore.

You didn’t want to study anymore, so you packed up your stuff and started to walk back into the school. That was until your name was called out by a certain someone.

“HEY Y/N!” George shouted as if to get your attention, you glanced back at him to see that he was looking directly at you. You rolled your eyes and continued to walk away until you were inside before you felt a hand around your elbow, turning you around.

“George, what the hell?! You scared me,” You exclaimed with a furrow of your eyebrows at him whilst wrenching your elbow away. He chuckles a bit however when he notices that you are not laughing along with him, he stops.

“I didn’t realise it scared you that much,” He says jokingly, but again you don’t show any sign of amusement. He furrows his eyebrows and you see concern in his eyes, which falters your annoyed gaze. “Are you okay?”

“Look I’m fine it’s just-“

“Are you on your period or something?” You stop what you are saying and annoyance has consumed you. You are now full on glaring at your friend, as the grip on your bag has tightened.

“Excuse me?” You murmur, “so, when I am angry, it is obviously because I am on my period and having mood swings? Is that correct?” George gulps.

“Look I didn’t mean it. It’s just because normally you are cool,”

“Cool? So what, now I’m annoying?” You cross your arms. Instead of getting nervous, George was getting angry. You could tell from the way he was clenching his fists and the furrow of his own eyebrows.

“Yes, you kind of are. Whatever got you angry, no need to take it out on me!” He exclaimed. People were now stopping what they were doing to look at the argument currently starting,

“God, you always get into bitch mode whenever you are angry!”

“Funnily enough, no one is a saint when they are angry,”

“Just take a chill pill,” With that anger consumed you and you slapped George in the face. It ended up being a lot harder than you thought since the sound echoed around the hallway.
Normally, your mood would have changed instantly (to any sort of pain either of you caused to each other) and you would be apologising profusely. However, you were very angry and all you did was walk away. That was it. That was the last time either of you talked to each other.

Unfortunately, with George ignoring you, you assumed that Fred would take his side therefore you ignored him too. But then, George had already found a replacement. Angelina Johnson, one of his classmates and teammates for the Quidditch team was seen walking along the hallways with him and Fred, that you couldn’t help the hurt you felt for being easily replaced.

Little did you know, that Fred did notice the fact you were ignoring the pair of Weasleys. He had confronted his brother about it, but all Fred received from George was a hateful glare before telling him not to mention it again. There have been many times when Fred has tried to confront you, however as soon as he got close to you, you would run off in order to not face any confrontation.

Fred sighed, wondering how on Earth he could get the two of you to fix your friendship. Before that moment, George had expressed his growing feelings for you and the feelings were reciprocated with the loving looks you gave him. It would have made Fred happy to find that you and George were going out, I mean he has been rooting for you guys since George has first gone to him about his supposed feelings for you.

Fred thought for a second, before coming up with an idea. He grinned evilly before heading back to the Gryffindor common room in need of some assistance.

It was your free period. You found yourself in the Great Hall doing some homework for your Transfiguration class when footsteps stomped loudly into the hall. Everyone had looked up from their work, inclusive of yourself. You were surprised to find that the person who was creating all the noise was in fact Fred Weasley with (again) a set gaze on you.
You gulped and looked down at your own work again, trying to ignore the looming presence… until it was right in front of you.

“(Y/n), I need your help,” Fred said as people went back down to continue their work or continue looking at your conversation in order to know what was going on. You look up and arch your eyebrow as if to question why he was actually talking to you. As if he could read your mind (or at least he knew you well enough to know what you were actually thinking), he grabbed your hand and pulled you from the table and started to drag you out of the Great hall.

“Fred, what are you doing?!” You exclaimed, all the while trying to get your hand out of his grip, “what do you mean you need my help?”

“George is in trouble,” You heart froze at those words. You stopped resisting Fred’s attempts and started to follow him.

“What has he done now?” You tried to sound annoyed however your worry for him was seeping through your voice. It was no surprise when George or Fred got in trouble with the who knows how many pranks they pull on the students and teachers. However, it was very rare (and by that you mean you have never seen this happen) that only one would get in trouble.

“He’s really done it now,” Fred stated which did not help the growing worry inside of you, “He overheard some slytherins talking bad about you and decided to teach them a lesson. However, it went way too far, and it was Snape who caught him,” Your eyes had widened. Even if the two of you were fighting, he still went out of his way to protect you. Your pace had fastened so that now you were walking side by side with Fred. If Snape was the one who had caught him, then that just makes things three times worse.

“What’s the plan then?” Fred quirked an eyebrow.

“I thought you and George were fighting?”

“That doesn’t mean that I don’t care about him. Of course I’m gonna help him,” You retort back. This makes Fred smile before giving you a side hug, then making you smile. One best friend is back.

“Right, first things first. Go into Snape’s classroom,” You make a confused face to which Fred rolled his eyes, “that’s where George is at the moment with Snape. Just say that Dumbledore needs to see Snape and that will lead him away from the classroom, then just take George outside and I’ll be here waiting,”

“If it sounds that easy, why don’t you do it?”

“A twin going to get his twin, that’s a bit obvious isn’t it?” At this fact, you couldn’t help but nod your head in agreement. As the two of you get closer to the classroom, Fred stops and nudges you towards the classroom, giving you a thumbs up, before hiding behind a corner. You sighed, shaking your head at his antics, before knocking on the door. There was silence.

Taking it as a way of entering, you open the door and walk in, only to stop in your footsteps when you see what is in front of you.

There is no Snape, but there is a George, waiting at a desk. Upon hearing the door open, George turns around only for his own eyes to widen.

“What are you doing here?” George asks, a hint or aggression behind his voice, making you wince a little.

“I was apparently helping you. Fred said you were in trouble,” At this, George’s harsh gaze falters. But then confusion takes his place.

“But Fred said- “and suddenly stops. He groans a little, “looks like Fred set us up,” This is when the annoyance takes over. You rolled your eyes and headed towards the door, not wanting this awkward tension to stick.

Just as you reached the door, the door had slammed on your face. You roll your eyes, knowing who closed the door before getting the doorknob.

“Fred open the door!” You exclaim, banging on the door. There is only laughter on the other side.

“I can’t believe, both of my pranking buddies fell for the oldest prank in the book. Anyway, I hope you know that I’m not letting you guys out until you make up,” You sigh, but turn to face George. He’s already biting his lip in concern.

“So… I think you should start,” George says.

“What do you mean?”

“Why were you angry that day?” You are about to retort but after realising the reason, you flush in embarrassment. There is no way you can answer that question without confessing your feelings for him.

“I… just had an off day, and you were just annoying to me on that certain day,” George scoffs, before walking towards you. In order to maximize the space as possible, you walk back, only to realise that you were standing in front of the door before it closed, explaining the reason why your back had suddenly hit the door.

George had noticed the lie in your voice and took advantage of the surprise that you were experiencing. He strode towards you, and soon you were trapped under his gaze.

“Tell me the truth (Y/n), I’ve know you too well to know when you are lying,” You gulp.

“I can’t tell you,” To this, his hand slams on the wall next to your head, scaring the crap out of you.

“Bloody hell (Y/n)! We haven’t talked in two weeks and I’m not gonna lie, it’s been frustrating that you are not around! And now, just when I thought we were heading a different direction you suddenly turn all Satan on me!” George exclaims. You furrow your eyebrows together.

“Different direction?” It is George’s turn to flush now, as the blush started to spread on his face. He took a few steps back, before looking down at the floor.

“I did not want to tell you under these circumstances, but I like you (Y/n), for a while now. That’s why it was frustrating,” He murmurs but you catch it. Your mouth gapes open. George likes you? You only ever dreamed off this happening.

“George, I- “But you halt what you are saying. George has suddenly looked up and pain was the first thing you saw on his features. Suddenly, blood was seeping through his grey jumper making your eyes widen. Just as you ran towards him, you felt something thud you on the back of your head, making you fall to the ground.

You had a blurry vision, but you could make out what was going on. George had now fallen to the ground, however … his body wasn’t moving. You tried to call out to him, but something was stopping you.

Just before you blacked out, you saw green silk in your peripheral vision. You closed your eyes and fell into a deep slumber, but not before hearing the painful scream of George’s name, in Fred’s voice.
Fred, The Couple Counsellor (George x Reader)
Oooohhhhh. What a dick thing to do! 

This, is actually not my fault. 

It is a project on finding out who the murderer is!shaq 

I will probably write a journal entry to explain myself a bit, but hope you guys enjoyed it. Now, this is kind of based off my imagine blog on Tumblr, so if you see it on there and on here, don't be surprised. However, it should only be on the 'imaginethefandom' page, ... otherwise someone has stolen it!
Ok, so it's been a while since I last wrote a journal entry and I just wanted to say that I am alive! I've been on holiday to the Philippines which was amazing and now I'm just struggling at school. I have written up some more oneshots (and I am sorry that it may seem I am only focusing on Kpop, but it's only because I'm trying to finish up the requests I have on Quotev and I thought why not post on here, but I will try to write more Youtuber/Anime/Video Game/Movie oneshots when I can) but it's just the process of putting them on the computer which I am slowly getting through. 

As I am writing the latest oneshot, I have only just realised how bad my grammar actually is! It's not the big of deal but I've been trying to get out of the habit but I guess it's just stuck with me. Turns out I always start my oneshots in the present tense, but then I start writing in the past. I'm sorry if that ticks you off (because if I had noticed it sooner, I would've fixed it) but if you don't care then I'm glad that you enjoy my writing!

Anyway, that's all I wanted to say. I hope you guys do well with whatever you are doing! Markiplier Jumping Quickly  (I need to start writing Markiplier again T~T)
“Guess you didn’t need help at all then,” You state, putting all the tissues in a plastic bag, reminding yourself to throw it away once you had the time to. You felt as if you should leave now before things got worse, however something made you stay. You tentatively put a hand on the wolf’s coat, slowly stroking it as a test. However, the wolf suddenly got up making you flinch slightly, still wary of the wolf, however you did not move away. The wolf stared at you, those same eyes piercing into your soul, but nothing happened. The wolf stalked away, no limp in it’s step, heading back towards the end of the field, shielded by some trees huddled together.

You got up from the ground and the realisation struck you. You had just helped a wolf, even though it could have potentially kill you. However, things just got really weird since there aren’t supposed to be wolves out in this area, especially ones who heals themselves. Additionally, there were other animals who would dare hurt a wolf, therefore making them a dangerous threat. 'What the hell is going on?'

“There you are (Y/n), I was looking for you. What are you -” the voice had stopped talking when you turned around to look at them. Kris’ eyes widened as he ran towards you, and in no time whatsoever hands secured on your shoulders as Kris’ worrying gaze looked all over your body, “”why are you covered in blood? Are you hurt? Did someone try to hurt you because I swear to God -”

“I’m fine, it’s not my blood,” you interrupted, smiling a little in order to stop his worrying, “I was just helping a wounded animal,” His eyes narrowed a little at this and you swore you could see a hint of darkness in his eyes however it was gone in a flash. He nodded, taking off his blazer and putting it over your shoulders, hoping to cover up the majority of the blood which stained your clothes.

“This should stop people from questioning you if you murdered someone,”

“Of course Kris, because in my free time, I like to think of numerous ways of murdering people,”


Kris, being the gentleman he is, walked you all the way to your home whilst keeping the conversation between the two of you flowing with little jokes and subtly throwing in little apologies after expressing the guilt he feels for leaving you in the library (to which you couldn’t help but smile at his concern). You were still giggling at a joke he told you when you approached your door. You shrugged off Kris’ blazer and handed it over to him, to which you gave him a grateful smile.

“I really hope my parents aren’t home tonight, or else it will be a nightmare trying to explain what happened,” You laugh off however Kris doesn’t join, making your cheeks redden a little in embarrassment. Kris was staring at you intently, the same darkness returning into his eyes. Kris took a step towards you, making you take a step back however your back collided with the door. Kris’ arms trapped you, making sure that you would not escape. Your eyes widened at this new pose you found yourself in, however Kris kept that serious expression towering over you. “Kris, w-what are you doing?”

“Don’t go out tonight (Y/n),” Kris replied after a moment of silence, “I don’t want you to get hurt,” When you looked into his eyes, the darkness was replaced with a new emotion, however you couldn’t tell what it was. Before you could question him any further, he stalked away leaving you very confused about what just happened.

Luckily for you, your parents weren’t at home. You found a note on on the kitchen table saying that they wouldn’t be coming back until late due to the fact that it was date night. The note told you that you would need to get a take out if you wanted to eat tonight (knowing that if you tried to cook, the house wouldn’t be standing where it is right now). Which is why you are currently stood in a chinese restaurant, wearing a red hoodie with jeans and some converses.

“Number 13,” the lady stated from the counter. You walked to the front, smiling a thanks at the women before collecting the plastic bag filled with the food before walking out of the restaurant. Just as you were about to walk home, something had caught the corner of your eye. You turned your head to get a better view.

There was Sehun being dragged by Kris by the neck of his collar, both of their expressions showed no sign of happiness. Your sight of them was lost however as Kris dragged Sehun across the park and towards the forest. Curiosity got the better of you and even though you were warned not to go off on this special night, you followed them, making sure to put your hood up in order to keep your identity a secret.

After going through the forest for a few minutes, you find the two boys standing across from one another in an open area, however their expressions were still furious and it turns out they were arguing by how fast their mouths were moving. You slowly got closer to the pair, making sure that you were hidden behind a tree in order to stay away from their sight but being able to see and hear what they are saying.

“I know it was you Sehun!” Kris shouted however Sehun scoffed.

“I don’t know what you are talking about-” but made a yelping sound when Kris raised his shirt to find bandages on his stomach, making your eyes widen. You almost stepped forward but caught yourself, making you stay back.

“You are lucky that (Y/n) found you and helped you when she did,” 'When on earth did you help Sehun? Especially if you just found out that he was recently hurt. Unless...No. That’s stupid.'
You shake your head at the possibility of Sehun being a wolf. Before your mind could wander any further, a word had caught your attention. “I think it’s time you stay away from MY mate,”

“YOUR mate?! You haven’t marked her yet. Therefore she is still free,” Kris growled, causing shivers down your spine.

“Are you challenging me? You need to remember that I am an Alpha,”

“But you are not mine,” Sehun cockily responded as this struck a chord within Kris as his growling increased. His teeth were now barred only to reveal sharpened teeth and his eyes turned a yellow colour. Suddenly, Kris howled towards the full moon and it took everything in you not to gasped aloud when a dark brown-furred wolf had replaced his spot. Sehun did not wince back in fear but smirked instead. He too morphed into a wolf form which only confirmed your suspicions from before when the wolf from before appeared in his place.

They both started growling like the wide animals they now were, waiting for the other to make the first move. You could not stand to watch this any further, it was just too weird for such a normal life to suddenly take a turn towards the supernatural. Unfortunately, luck wasn’t with you today. As soon as you did take a step back, a stick just happened to be in the way of your foot... Which therefore made the stick snap once you came into contact.

Upon the sudden noise, both of the wolves’ heads snap in your direction. They had their teeth on full show and that was when you ran.

Now here we are back to the beginning. Your hood flying off of your head and your regret of following your two best friends into the woods when you were instructed not to. Now, you know that your two best friends are werewolves or some other supernatural creature that can take the form of a wolf. However, that did not matter at the moment. The most important thing was trying not to -

again luck was not on your side, hence the random root of a tree making gravity pull your whole body to the ground. With that, the last thing you saw before your vision going black was the body of two boys towering over your body.


You wake up, finding yourself in your bed. What a weird dream. You get up out of your bed, heading downstairs to cook yourself some breakfast.


“Does this girl seriously just think that everything was a dream?!” Sehun exclaimed from his place on the tree, rolling his eyes at your total oblivious nature. Kris chuckled.

“It’s better this way, it’ll keep her safe,” He responded, “however, don’t think that I haven’t forgotten about your challenge on making a move on my mate,”

“As I said before, she hasn’t been marked yet, therefore the position of being (Y/n)’s mate is still open,”
Red Riding Hood (Kris x Reader x Sehun) Pt.2
Now Pt.2... *sigh*
The ending is kinda shitty because school is slowly frying my brain, but hopefully I will get my good writing skills back. 
Hope you enjoyed it anyway!
[EXO] Kris Emoticon Exo : Sehun Giggle 
You ran as fast as you, making sure not to trip over any of the twigs or roots which might lay in your path. The hood of your red hoodie flying right off of your head. The howling and growling were starting to get closer and you knew that they would catch up to you soon, despite this fact you still ran harder than you ever have in your life. Your lungs were on fire and your legs were starting to tire but you couldn't give up.

You knew of the legends and myths which surrounded around the full moon and the dangers you may face if you were stupid enough to go out during this time period. But curiosity got the better of you, and like the saying goes “curiosity killed the cat”

A few hours earlier

“What am I doing with my life?!” You exclaim in frustration as you slump your head on to the table in front of you. The librarian shushes you with a menacing scowl on her face. You gave her an apologetic expression whilst lifting your head off of the table and looking at the various letters and numbers littering your computer screen in front of you. Your hear a chuckle next to you making you roll your eyes in response. “Shut up Sehun, you would understand how difficult this is if you took Maths,”

“But you see my dear (Y/n), I wasn’t stupid enough to take Maths since I knew the consequences. Which would include, crying in a ball of sadness, continuously banging your head on a hard surface and whining to friends,” Sehun retorted, making you grunt in annoyance.

“Don’t listen to him (Y/n), it was brave of you to take Maths and even if Sehun or myself did take Maths, you are doing much better than we would have done. Besides, Sehun doesn’t need to take Maths in order to whine to friends,” Kris mocked. The statement making you laugh which Sehun and Kris couldn’t help but smile at.

Oh Sehun and Wu Yifan, two of your closest friends in school. You had arrived later later in the school year compared to everyone else who came at the start of the school year. This then meant that all the friendship groups have already been created, therefore making it harder for you to make friends. Luckily, a group of friends (who call themselves EXO for some reason, you didn’t dare ask why) had welcomed you with open arms, and even though you did get along with all of them, there was something about Kris and Sehun and with that, the three of you just clicked. Even though their personalities did not match at all, the only way you could respond with that, is the facts that opposites attract.

One thing which did perk up your interest when first becoming friends with EXO is the strange rumours which surrounded them. They were closed off from the rest of the school and due to their mysterious like image, a lot of weird things were said about them. For example, they were all secretly part of the mafia and are pretending to be high school students in order to get more recruits. Either that or they are all in hiding after killing some people. However, judging from your own experience of the boys, they could never hurt someone, at least without the intention of doing good for someone else.

“... Earth to (Y/n), are you still here or did you just leave us with an empty shell?” A hand was waving in front of your face, breaking you from the train of thought. You glared at Sehun playfully, making him put his hands up in a surrender position.

“Are you guys free tonight, by the way? I need some help with some other pieces of homework and we haven’t had a dream team movie marathon in ages,” You ask, as you start to type down on your keyboard, focusing on the coursework.

“Unfortunately not, I don’t think it would be wise to go out tonight either,” Kris replies. Your quirk an eyebrow at this before rolling your eyes once remembering what is so special about today.

“Is it because it’s a full moon tonight. Honestly Kris, I thought you would be more mature about this. If you don’t want to hang out then that’s fine. You don’t have to make up some excuse about werewolves coming out to attack or something,” You reply back, attention once back on Kris who had a conflicted expression on his face. He opened his mouth to say something but at that moment, Luhan had walked in, his hands in his pocket with slight worry on his face, but the worry was wiped off of his face once he saw you sitting down and instead a smile replaced this worry. However, it was not you who he came to see obviously since his eyes moved back to Kris.

He strides over to your table before bending down to whisper something into Kris’ ear. It was definitely something which was displeasing for Kris to hear since his expression turned into a dark one and suddenly he was storming out of the library. You and Sehun both stared after him with widening eyes before turning to Luhan, who was just sighing at his leader’s actions.

“What happened?” You questioned Luhan. He however, gave you a small smile and a shake of the head.

“It’s nothing. It was just a small fight between one of the boys and another boy from another school,” Luhan answered, “but I think it would be best if all of us were present,” And without another word, Luhan leaves the library. Sehun couldn’t help but chuckle at his friend’s actions, seeing the hidden meaning *cough* trying to be cool *cough*. Nevertheless, Sehun stands up which you couldn’t help but sigh at.

“So, I’m guessing that you are going to leave me too?” Sehun looks at you, sadness evident in his frown.

“I know you are going to miss me but I’ll still see you tomorrow,” He joked, earning a laugh out of you. He opened his arms to which you stood and gave him a hug. You felt him stroke your head before pulling away, his arms still wrapped around your waist, making you blush from the close proximity. He put his forehead onto yours, making sure that your eyes were connected before speaking again. “(Y/n), we only have our best interests for you. Please stay in tonight, and if me or any of the other guys snap at you, it’s only because we’re ... On the edge tonight,” You smiled at him in understanding before pulling your head away and sitting back down in your seat. Sehun walks out of the library, sending you a wave of goodbye.

After a few minutes of working on your coursework, you had decided to give up due to the fact that the only progress you did was adding a few more words onto a sentence. You packed up your stuff and walked out of the library (which you had noticed the librarian had let out a sigh of relief at your decision) hoping to catch the boys -who had walked out on you earlier- before they had gone home for the day. However, as you walked passed a window, you caught something from the corner of your eye and once turning your head to get a better look at it, you could not believe what you saw.

There in the middle of the school field was a white wolf whose fur was stained with blood. It was lying on it’s side where a pool of blood was slowly forming (making you conclude that the blood on it’s coat is in fact it’s own) Not another moment passed before you ran down the stairs of your school, only stopping at the bathroom to get some tissues. A million thoughts were running around in your head, all around the topic of the wolf, of course: ‘Where did the wolf come from? There aren’t supposed to be around here’, ‘What could have caused the animal to become hurt like this?’, ‘Are there any others around? Sure it may be alone now, but wolves normally hunt in a pack’  The warning that Sehun and Kris had given you was still in your mind, and you couldn’t help but wonder if they had known something like this would happen, only to wave it off as soon as you reached the wolf.

You started to slowly approach the wolf, getting the tissues out of your pocket into your hand, ready to start attending to the wound. You gulp as you see the wolf's eyes bring its attention onto you, a growl coming from it’s throat.

“Look wolf. I’m only here to help,” You say as if the wolf can understand you. You take a step closer to it, only for the wolf to growl louder than before. You wasn’t sure whether it was the stress of the situation or the previous stress from the coursework, but you had had enough. “Look here Wolf. If I don’t help you, you will die and even though I could have just left you out here to die yet I didn’t and am risking my own life to help you here. Now you can either stop growling and let me help you or you can continue to growl in which I will just let you die!” You snap. It seems as if your little rant has made some effect onto the wolf since when you did take another step forward, no noise came from the wolf. You continue to walk cautiously to the wolf and as soon you were close enough, you kneel down next to the wolf. You take a glance towards the wolf’s head only to find it’s piercing yellow eyes watching your every move. This made you flinch from the harshness of those eyes however it did not distract you from your objective.

You put a hand on the wolf’s fur coat, waiting to see if the wolf was still making an attempt to attack you but after a small moment of nothing, you quickly grab the tissue to apply it to the wound. The sudden movement did make the wolf flinch as it bared it’s teeth out, however it still made no move to attack. The tissues made do by soaking up the blood pouring out of the wound and finishing the job with some make-up wipes you found in your bag, this helped you to identify what the wound is, however once seeing the wound, it did make you gulp.There was not one, but three deep cuts along the wolf’s side. A claw mark to be precise, one which must have come from another wolf. Realising that you needed something to act as a bandage however something happened, which suddenly made your need useless. In front of your eyes, you notice that the cuts were slowly starting to seal themselves up, as if the wolf is healing on it’s own.

Now you know you are crazy.
Red Riding Hood (Kris x Reader x Sehun) Pt.1
Pt.1 to a supposed to be oneshot but got to into it. Hope you guys enjoy. BTW, first time writing a love triangle, how did it go?
 EXO : Sehun Wiggle 
926 deviations
Ok, so it's been a while since I last wrote a journal entry and I just wanted to say that I am alive! I've been on holiday to the Philippines which was amazing and now I'm just struggling at school. I have written up some more oneshots (and I am sorry that it may seem I am only focusing on Kpop, but it's only because I'm trying to finish up the requests I have on Quotev and I thought why not post on here, but I will try to write more Youtuber/Anime/Video Game/Movie oneshots when I can) but it's just the process of putting them on the computer which I am slowly getting through. 

As I am writing the latest oneshot, I have only just realised how bad my grammar actually is! It's not the big of deal but I've been trying to get out of the habit but I guess it's just stuck with me. Turns out I always start my oneshots in the present tense, but then I start writing in the past. I'm sorry if that ticks you off (because if I had noticed it sooner, I would've fixed it) but if you don't care then I'm glad that you enjoy my writing!

Anyway, that's all I wanted to say. I hope you guys do well with whatever you are doing! Markiplier Jumping Quickly  (I need to start writing Markiplier again T~T)


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Hello everyone of the Earth and Beyond!! :D
I'm Lizzie but you may call me Elizabeth if you want too.

I would like to Thank Everyone for visiting my page!! :3

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VioletSunset16 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2016   Writer
Thanks for the fave! 
CinnamintyAshes Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Have your cake and eat it too:iconepiclaplz::icondummydanceplz:Happy Birthday!!:icondummydanceplz::iconepiclaplz:Have your cake and eat it too
TheWeirdAndRandom Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Taiga and Minori (I miss you hug) [V1]  - OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! T^T 
You my friend deserve a million hugs!
WindMeister8 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2016
thank you for the fav~ :glomp:

please do check out my other LevixReader oneshots and series as well as LelouchxReader series (Scifi, Action) if you're interested! XD
Fxrbidden Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you very much for the faves! I really appreciate it~
H00PA Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2015
Can you do a Marty Mcfly (From Back To The Future) And Male Child/Son Reader ? (They Are Dad And Son) Please ? (i even giving you info of who is him)
mugglewitch75 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2015
Thanks for the favesHeart Heart 
scrougeofares Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2015
Thanks for the fave!
scrougeofares Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2015
Thanks for all the faves!
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Thanks for the many faves!
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